Why Did I Ever Leave?

Hey! Remember me? I used to blog and then life was a whirlwind and I stopped. At first, I was just going to take a mini-break but as it's wont to do, time kept creepin' on. Because I'm an easily-overwhelmed, overly-anxious procrastinator doo-doo head, the longer I waited to start blogging again, the less I knew where to begin. *glares at Charles Dickens for taking "I am born."* Unfortunately for the people close to me, all the untold thoughts and tales started to back up in my pitiful brain and emitted a terrible odor, something like a combination of burnt hair and curried cabbage. After months of hinting, my loved ones staged an intervention and said, "We won't sit idly by while you continue stinking up the place. Either start blogging again or we're out of your life for good!!" And just like that, with all the fanfare of a recurring Plantar's wart, I'M BACK.

Ok, so the part about the stink and the intervention aren't true but what's plain to see is that I've returned to the world of people who have no business sharing their business. I'm so grateful to have this outlet again! If I've learned anything, it's that it's REALLY important for me to share my truth. Quite often, it's messy and mortifying but I'm more OK with that than I've ever been.

Stay tuned!

1 Week